Are you a vegan coffee

The practise of not consuming or using animal products—or products made using animal products—is known as veganism. Basically, no animals are permitted in the manufacturing process.

Are you a vegan coffee

Here are a few vegan coffee recipes to incorporate wholesome, distinctive, and delectable. Start your day off right with these tasty vegan coffee recipes from Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India, Beverage Training Manager, Lavazza India.

Are you a vegan coffee

Dolce Lavender Latte (DLL)

Are you a vegan coffee

This lite latte is the ideal hot coffee because it has a smooth white chocolate flavour and a sweet lavender fragrance. Despite being a black coffee, the soy cream on top will give it the perfect milk coffee flavour.


200 ml French press coffee

10 ml Lavender Syrup

15 gm White Chocolate

Topping Ideas:

White Chocolate grated

Few drops of lavender syrup

Whipped cream


Take lavender syrup and white chocolate slab in a glass mug, add little hot water and melt it well.

Brew a strong coffee in a French press, pour it over a mixture of white chocolate and lavender.

Garnish with whipped cream, White Chocolate grated and few drops of lavender syrup.

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The Vegan Boo`s

The ideal soothing cold coffee, made in the Caribbean style with cinnamon spice, soy cream, and butter rum.


45 ml Espresso/Moka pot coffee

15 ml butter rum syrup

10 ml maple syrup

6-8 ice cubes

60 ml soy cream

Cinnamon sugar for the rim


Take a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes, coffee and syrups. Shake it well.

Wipe the rim of your glass with a couple of drops of maple syrup, and then dip the rim of the glass into the cinnamon sugar.

Strain and pour the contents over ice into your glass, pour soy cream over it slowly.

Cinnamon sugar; Mix cinnamon and sugar with a 1:4 ratio.

Vanilla Coffee float

This is the simplest and best coffee float recipe with perfect combinations of nutty and creamy flavour, fizzy and bubbles add excitement.


45 ml Espresso/Moka pot coffee

1 scoop dairy free Vanilla Ice Cream

20 ml hazelnut syrup

150 ml club Soda

4-5 ice cubes


Take a glass with 4-5 ice cubes, add hazelnut syrup, dairy free vanilla ice cream over it.

Pour freshly brewed coffee over it.

Top your glass with soda until it`s full and enjoy the fizz.

Date lite Smoothie

It`s a delicious and nutritious smoothie with your daily caffeine dose. This healthy coffee beverage is sweet but with no extra sugar and very filling.


45 ml Espresso/Moka pot coffee

1 banana

2 dates (without seed)

15-20 ml maple syrup

100 ml almond milk

4-6 ice cubes


Brew espresso freshly and cool it down.

Add peeled and sliced banana, almond milk, dates, maple syrup, and espresso into a blender and blend until it`s smooth.

Pour it into Glass, and enjoy your healthy espresso smoothie.

If you want, garnish it with some banana slices, broken cashew nuts or add some walnuts.

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