Chennai IT firm gifts cars to 100 employees for THIS reason

An IT firm in Chennai called Ideas2IT has gifted 100 Maruti cars to 100 of its employees, who have been part of the company for the past 10 years.

Chennai IT firm gifts cars to 100 employees for THIS reason

This comes days after a software solutions provider gifted five of its trusted employees with BMWs each worth Rs 1 crore.  

Chennai IT firm gifts cars to 100 employees for THIS reason

The company, Ideas2IT, has a bench strength of 500 employees. The Chairman and CEO of the company Murali Vivekanandan while speaking to news agency IANS said, "We are not gifting the cars, it is the employees who have earned these cars through their hard work."

Chennai IT firm gifts cars to 100 employees for THIS reason


We think our people are the sole reason for our growth and success. That is why we started our wealth-sharing initiative by awarding 100 cars to 100 of our people. Read the full story at #chennaijobs #chennaihiring #chennaiopenings #software

Ideas2IT Technologies (@ideas2it) April 12, 2022

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He said that the employees have made a lot of efforts to develop the country to the position it is in.

Vivekanandan said, "We had promised the employees a few years ago that we would be sharing our wealth with them, and awarding the cars is the first step. We will shower them with more such initiatives in the near future."

The employees also are happy at the company providing gifts to them. Prasanth, an employee while speaking to IANS said, "We were earlier given gifts like iPhones and gold coins. Car is indeed a better gift and we thank our management wholeheartedly for the gift that they have given us."

The Ideas2IT company in the statement said that it`s a high-end product engineering company headquartered in Chennai and that it has high-end clients. The clientele includes Facebook, Motorola, Oracle, Bloomberg, and Microsoft.

The company also said that it commenced operations as a consulting firm in Silicon Valley with six employees in 2009 and it now has offices in the US, India and Mexico.

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