CBSE announces BIG news for students ahead of Term

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that it will conduct special board exams for classes 10 and 12 students who will not be able to appear for the test due to international or national sports events and international olympiads that are likely to coincide with one another. 

CBSE announces BIG news for students ahead of Term

According to the statement issued by the CBSE, "To promote the spirit of sports in the country and for facilitating the participation of students in international Olympiads, CBSE had decided that in case of the students appearing in the Board’s Examination are participating in National/International sports events recognized by Sports Authority of India and International Olympiads, the examinations for such students will be conducted at a later stage by CBSE."

CBSE announces BIG news for students ahead of Term

Since the board examinations for the session 2021-2022 will be conducted in offline mode and in two parts, the CBSE has issued a set of rules that are to be followed by all the affiliated schools. 

CBSE announces BIG news for students ahead of Term

Here are some rules for Term - 1 examination: 

- There will be no separate exam conducted for Term 1 for session 2021-22

- In case students are not able to take the term -1 board exam, their results will be decided on the basis of the term-2 exam. 

Rules for Term - 2 examinations:

- Students who are participating in national, international sports events that are duly recognised by the Sports Authority of India (SAI), will have to produce a letter issued by SAI

- Any such information or requests from candidates should reach through schools to the CBSE latest by November 25, 2021

- The authenticity of these requests will only be determined if the regional office receipt is provided. 

- Students tested positive for COVID-19 during the schedule of conduct of examination, subject to the production of test reports. 

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